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 Microtech Investment Company was raised back in 1995.The company was active since its foundation in the field of devices,supplies and office furniture of all kinds with the preference of national production over the international,keeping the options open and unlimited for the market.

The Company, together with the administrative and technical crews were comitted to a developmental plan that made it possible for the company to be part of the private sector working group in Palestine.The Company was able to keep up with everything new in the field of appliances and office supplies producing latest contemporary designs of office furnitue solely with local expertise.

Vision and Objectives

Microtech investment co. is one the private sector institutions in Palestine.As a working private sector,the company had to develop.The company's vision raised into playing a role in the Palestinian economy,keeping it independant with its imports despite its modest balance trade.

One of the focal points of the companys' objectives is the establishment and upgrading of the palestinian product with local expertise,matching the best international standards qualities which allow the product to be able to withstand the competition with other products,the reason why the Company worked to recruit all the possibilities and capabilities,providing the latest office furniture for the local market.

Practical Experience

The company had worked hard to provide the market with what they need concerning office furniture and supplies,reaching all west bank areas.In terms of performance and distinctiveness,Microtech is considered a major provider officially certified by the Financial  Ministry,throughout a tender annual supply.

 Over the years, Microtech helped in furnishing the majority of Palestinian ministries and institutions.

Performance and Evaluation

  Over the years, the company was able to cope with the unstable political and economical changes.The company is always concerned with providing the best for its customers,providing  maintenace,delivery and post-sale follow up services to ensure the highest levels of client satisfaction.


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