Marketing, Maintenance and Logistic Services

 In terms of customer service,the company is proud to have capable staff for marketing,delivery,post-sale follow up and maintenance.


At the end of the first meeting with the customer, the marketing staff starts a regional visit to take actual sizes for the furniture.Later,the technical furniture design staff starts entering the actual sizes electronically via 3D softwares including the suggested design so that it could be modified before the production phase  according to the customer's taste.
 The staff includes furniture and computer supplies maintenance technicians.A timetable is set to ensure  fully accomplished maintenance according to cusomers' needs.To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, a post-sale follow up is also done. Microtech owns the logistic and technical ability  which allow it to deliver its products to all areas (west bank areas, jerusalem areas and others).through a capable team of technicians with necessary equipment and means.

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